SPapers was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is operating from the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. It is a privately owned research service with the mission of helping scientists showcase their research effectively and connect with readers. A beta version of the SPapers website was introduced in July 2013. It featured an application that allows authors of research articles to create a “home page” for their article. In April 2016, SPapers introduced a peer review system that allows authors to connect directly with peers and get their papers peer reviewed. Unlike most traditional peer review systems involving journal editors and anonymous reviewers, this peer review system is direct and transparent—it connects authors to reviewers of their choice.


Kamy Singer

Research Scientist and Manager

Founded SPapers in 2013 to help create alternatives to traditional journal publishers, Kamy manages the daily operations of SPapers. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Edwin Centino

Software Developer

ASP.NET full stack developer. Most current projects are on MVC. I had seen CoBOL shine and fade. I had seen flat files evolved into databases. I had heard but not read about punch cards. And now I am enjoying the beauty and power of the web.


Yakov Aingoren

Marketing, Sales and Business development

Yakov is known for developing strong personal and professional relationships while leading business in international markets, engaging customers and increasing business potential. Yakov is a certified project manager (PMP) with a background in Electronics and Bio-Medical engineering.


Geoffrey Feld

Full-time Medical Science Writer / Editor at ETSI in Chapel Hill, developing custom training materials for the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry / Structural Biology from UC-Berkeley with postdoctoral training at NIH and LLNL. Primary author on peer-reviewed manuscripts and keenly interested in reforming the scientific publication process.


Jeremy Heath

Dr. Heath studies how the chemical interactions between the multitude of species in natural and managed systems generate and maintain ecological diversity. The knowledge generated from his work is used to consolidate ecological and evolutionary theory, reveal novel conservation practices, and create new innovative tools to be used in low-input food production systems. His work is multidisciplinary and integrative. It spans a range of disciplines including evolution, ecology, behavior, physiology, genetics, and biochemistry.


Arsalan Daudi

Dr. Daudi is a Research Associate at Coleman Research, a global expert networks and primary research firm. He is also a Board Member and Editor at Bio-protocol, an e-journal dedicated to improving the experimental reproducibility in the life sciences. Arsalan has a background in host-microbe interactions, molecular biology and genetics, having completed postdoc stints at UC-Davis and RIKEN, Japan.


Yuki Matsuba

Dr. Matsuba is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at NC State University, and her current research focuses on gene editing in tobacco plant. She has demonstrated expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry, and has authored 16 peer-reviewed research papers, 4 book chapters, and 2 patents.


Mahantesh I. Biradar

Mahantesh is a Graduate PhD researcher in Biomedical Science and passionate about Digital Marketing/Biz Dev. ​He has an experience of working as a Social Media Strategist for a SaaS startup and also writes for Biotechin.Asia covering the Biotechnology and Health care related Startups.


Marc Mojica

Highly experienced software engineer. Marc worked closely with Kamy from the beginning to turn concept into reality. He is CTO and/or founder of several startups located in Ann Arbor.