What are SPAPER pages?
SPaper pages are “Home Pages” for scientific articles that have been published in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Why should I create an SPAPER page for my teams’ paper?
By creating the SPaper page you will be able to showcase your individual or your team's article more effectively and create an environment to connect with readers. You can write something, invite readers to ask questions, or upload relevant pictures, files, and links. You can invite people to view your SPaper page. Others may find your SPaper and become interested in it by searching the web for names or topics that relate to your research.

Who can create an SPAPER page?
The authors of a scientific article can create an SPaper page together. The SPaper page can be initiated by one of the authors who subsequently invite the other authors to be co-administrators of the page.

Can other users write on my SPAPER page?
You decide whether you want to allow other users the possibility to write on your SPaper page. In addition, you can always delete a post from your page.

How can other users view my group’s SPAPER page?
Other users can view individual SPaper pages through a simple Google search. Users can also browse or search SPapers from the website itself.

Do the SPAPER pages contain the original scientific articles?
Each SPaper page has a link to the original article. Click on “GO TO PAPER” to be directed to the article.

Can other people view the email address that I provided during registration?
No. The email address you provided during registration remains private.

How can I invite other people to view my SPAPER page?
Log in and Click on “INVITE OTHERS” from your SPaper page. You will be asked to provide email addresses of the people that you would like to invite. We will send them an email invitation to view the page on your behalf.

How can I add administrators to an SPAPER?
Click ADD ADMINS and provide the email addresses of the people you would like to add as administrators. We will send them email invitations to be co-administrators on the page.