Why is the SPapers peer review system unique and different?
Our peer review system is unique because it is useful and transparent. The system directly connects authors and peer reviewers. It is all about helping researchers doing better science and writing better manuscripts.

What is the vision of SPapers for scientific publication?
We believe that most traditional peer reviewed journals will become obsolete while some will improve their peer review process so that it focuses more on helping authors publish their research faster.

Is the SPapers peer review system actually a pre- or post-peer review system?
The terms “pre-peer review” and “post-peer review” have been used to describe peer review done before or after publication, respectively. We use the term “peer review” to describe any scientific review done by a peer. You can use it as a pre- or post-peer review.

As an author, why should I use the SPapers peer review system for my manuscript?
You should use the peer review system of SPapers if you want to improve the quality of your research and manuscript. Some academic journals and journal editors will accept peer review reports of independent peer review services. Therefore, using the SPapers peer review system not only can help you improve your research output, but can also help you publish your research faster in academic journals.

Why would reviewers want to perform reviews through SPapers?
Peer reviewing through SPapers is more satisfying than journals’ peer review system because reviewers can focus on being helpful. In addition, they can be acknowledged directly by the author they are helping. Reviewers also receive a copy of the Peer Review Report to document their activity.

I’m an author—how does the SPapers system help evaluate my research?
The SPapers peer review system is not about evaluating your research. The system focuses on improving your manuscript and helping you publish it faster.

Is SPapers really free? What should I expect after submitting the request for peer reviewing?
Yes, it is a free service. You should expect an email from us with more questions and instructions for the next steps. We will not do anything before communicating with you. Please note that we are currently developing software that will automate the whole process. Therefore, your feedback is very important for us.

How can you provide this service for free? What’s the catch?
As long as a peer review is done for free by the scientific community, it will remain a free service that we facilitate. In order to keep this system running in the future, we will have to obtain funding or collect fees for additional services that we will offer researchers. However, we will make sure that all researchers have the same access to our peer review system regardless of their financial means.

Are you trying to eliminate the traditional peer review process?
Yes. We want to eliminate the traditional journal-controlled peer review process because it is not focused on improving research. It is slow, expensive, inefficient, and not always fair. Although our system is currently focused on helping researchers publish in journals by providing a pre-peer review service, our goal is eventually to entirely replace the peer review process for most scientific journals.

Can I use the SPapers peer review system to get peer reviewed for a grant proposal?
Yes, you can invite a specific reviewer to review your research proposals. Just make sure you mention this in your request.

I don’t have a manuscript ready for review, but I like the idea of your peer reviewing system. Is there any way I can help?
Yes, you can register as a peer reviewer to help other researchers, you can send us your feedback so we can improve our service, and you can tell others about SPapers.

What is the Peer Review Report and who receives it?
This is a document that SPapers generates after a reviewer completes the review. The Peer Review Report includes the details of the author and of the peer reviewer, the original submitted manuscript, and the reviewer’s report. Both the author and the reviewer receive a copy of the Peer Review Report.

If I suggest a reviewer name, do you guarantee that my manuscript will be peer reviewed by that person?
We cannot guarantee that a reviewer will accept our request. The reviewer is free to decline or accept. For this reason, we recommend that you suggest more than one potential peer reviewer for your manuscript.

Do you verify the identity of the authors and the reviewers?
We are using the email address as a means to verify the sender’s identity. Therefore, we recommend that you use an institutional email address (email address from a university, a hospital, or a governmental institute). We will add other methods of identity check in the future.